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Taxonomy Filter Web Part for SharePoint 2010/2013

SharePoint comes with a lot of filter web parts out of the box, but not one which can be used to filter a taxonomy column on an XsltListView. Now you have it!


The filter is installed as a farm solution, but I'm working on sandboxed versions for both 2010 and 2013 (also 365 support).

Once the web part is installed, drop it on a page and connect it to an XsltListView web part for filtering. It will show the complete hierarchy, but only values which have been used.

The filter picker is displayed using jQuery menu and can easily be styled by either modifying the code or overriding the following styles:
  • .taxfilter
  • .taxfilter clear
  • .taxfilter current
  • .taxfilter label
  • .ui-menu


After the solution is installed make sure the feature "mAdcOW SharePoint TaxonomyFilter" is activated on your site collection.

Add the web part to your page

Connect the filter to an XsltListView web part and pass the filter values to a taxonomy column

Choose "Get Filter Values From", and pick the taxonomy column you want to filter on.

Save the page and test the filter

You may also edit some of the labels and default values used on the filter web part to fit your scenario

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